State the Benefits

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State the Benefits

When writing copy it is easy to lose focus and forget why we are writing in the first place. Our job is to answer the readers question, which is usually "What's in it for me?".

So...let them know that you have it.

Headlines are how we draw our readers in. They are right there at the top in big, bold print exclaiming to the potential reader: "This is what you are looking for. All you have to do is read a little more." Your headline, while not directly answering the question, needs to let them know that you are the Gatekeeper to their Keymaster and the treasure they have been looking for is right inside.

Some proven headline techniques include:

  • Use Numbered Lists. "5 Ways to Remove Mold Safely" or "6 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You"

  • Ask the reader a question. "How many Licks Does it Really Take?" for a Tootsie Pops article. (Be sure you answer that question.)

  • Make a statement. "Guaranteed Mold Removal Techniques"

  • "How-To" statements. "How to Make Delicious Pizza at Home"

  • "Power" words. Words like "better", "more" and "improved" are proven methods for enticing potential readers.



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