Write Naturally While Incorporating Keywords

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Write Naturally While Incorporating Keywords

"Content is King". It is a phrase that will be repeated over and over by SEOs and Copywriters alike. Search engines love content -especially useful, well -written content that incorporates keywords naturally in the body of the text. Readers also like this kind of content and are willing to link to it which will give you all kinds of Internet love.

One thing both the search engines and readers hate, however, is SPAM. This is why you want to create content that is easy to read and incorporates keywords naturally. When the copy you write uses the same keyword over and over it will appear just as it is - a vain attempt to trick the search engines into giving you higher rankings.

Google and other search engines use a system called "latent semantic indexing" which allows the spiders to infer the meaning of a body of text by the whole instead of individual words. Use synonyms and write well-researched and informative articles for the best results. The search engines - and your readers - will thank you.



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