Use Links in SEO Copywriting

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Use Links in SEO Copywriting

Links, Links, Linkity Link Link Link Links.

Whether you are a full time SEO (read really cool nerd like me), copywriter (read see SEO) you may be getting a little annoyed with hearing about the importance of links. Unfortunately this is not looking to end anytime soon, and yes, I am going to talk about linking some more here.

Let's get down an dirty on this one...

Search engines love links.

Make that your mantra when writing copy that is optimized for the web.

When you write for the web including links with keyword-rich anchor text in the body of the copy is absolutely essential if you are looking to increase your rankings in the SERPs. And by the way, when I say keyword-rich anchor text I do not mean "Click Here". Use keywords relevant to the subject of the page you are linking to (the actual keyword is best) .



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