Quit Being So Passive!

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Quit Being So Passive!

It's true. Passive people aren't just annoying in life. Not that being aggressive is a good thing either - but that is not what I'm talking about.

Passive people do not get what they want and neither do passive copywriters.

When you write content - whether it is for the web or for print - use an active voice. This helps the reader become more involved in the content and in turn, more likely to perform the action you desire.

Examples 1:

  • Passive - The children are dreaming of a world without violence.

  • Active - The children dream of a world without violence.

Example 2:

  • Passive - This brand has been rated the #1 killer of fire ants.

  • Active - This brand is rated the #1 killer of fire ants.

The passive voice slows your reader down. Use the active voice to make your copy clear, concise and easy to understand.



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