Latent Semantic Indexing (or "The Tilde is Your Friend")

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Latent Semantic Indexing (or "The Tilde is Your Friend")

It's true.

The days of stuffing your content with a single keyword over and over are...well...over.

Search engines have gotten smarter and spiders are on the look out for sneaky, black hat SEOs that want to trick them into providing top rankings for lack-luster content. Additionally, search engines are battered with thousands new documents every day (I know...understatement) which makes it difficult to index all documents.

Many complex search terms also may not have exact matches.

The good old SE's have a solution, however, and it has made your job as an SEO copywriter easier than ever before.

By using Latent Semantic Indexing, Search Engines can use near matches to index documents and serve them to people based on the content as a whole and not just the main keywords. This means that when writing content about "copywriting" you can utilize terms like "copywriter" and "creative" and the Search Engines will infer the meaning of your content by its merits.

The question remains...How do you find these related terms?

The tilde is your friend.

In the search box enter the tilde (~) followed by the keyword without a space and enter the search. The results will show related terms you can use in your copy. Another search of one of the related terms will bring up even more terms that you can utilize as well.

This little trick is also great for keyword research.

Have fun with it.



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