Use Tight, Concise Copy

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Use Tight, Concise Copy

One of the biggest challenges any writer faces - especially copywriters - is taking an outside look at your content to determine when enough is enough. Unlike readers of creative writing, Internet readers do not have the patience to sift through your writing to get the facts they need. To help ensure your writing is concise, follow these steps:

  • Put the copy away an come back to it. Taking a break and giving your writing a second look will help you spot problem areas.

  • Ask yourself if your readers will care. Take the time to re-read each paragraph and ask if the information within is something a reader will care about.

  • Search for repetition. Is the sentence you are reading something you said before? Chances are you don't need to say it again.

  • Get a second opinion. Have someone else (preferably unbiased) read the content. A fresh set of eyes may notice issues you missed.



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