Use H2 and H3 Tags for Secondary Keywords

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Use H2 and H3 Tags for Secondary Keywords

As you probably know, when writing headlines it is always important to use the coveted <h1> tag for your primary keyword or key phrase.

But what about those pesky secondary keywords that help add relevance to your content and a little gumption to your search engine prowess?

While you should only use <h1> tags one time - repeat: ONE TIME!!!! - per page, there are subsequent header tags that you can use for your other important key phrases. And the nice thing is you can use them as many times as needed (please, for the love of Thor do not over do it).

As with the <h1> tag, the code for inserting a sub-header is easy:

<h2>This is my AWESOME key phrase</h2>

And of course you can add style elements, such as color, font size and what-not to make your headlines stand out even more.



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