The "Write" Length

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How much is too much copy?

The "Write" Length

It's been said that good copy is never too long if it's full of customer benefits and interesting. Personally I don't agree with this as I once read through many pages of well written direct mail copy with countless customer benefits. But it was so long-winded it became very boring. The same message could have been delivered in half the amount of space.

Communicate your message clearly but never be long-winded, even if it's good, as most people don't have the time or desire to read through many pages of copy. President Reagan would hand back a speech to be re-written if it was longer than one page. He suggested that if the major points could not be summarized in a single page then it was too long.

Sometimes long copy is necessary. If for example you are detailing a business opportunity or franchise plan etc, in a brochure of copy, then lengthy details are necessary. But don't over do it. Too much info can be very draining and a turn off. Some people may feel it's too complicated so why bother with your offer.

Information overload is a killer! Keep people hungry for more.



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