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Fast Paced Writing

Much like traditional marketing, Copywriting needs to capture the attention of your audience quickly and hold it. The first step is to draw your readers in with some unique or dramatic in your first paragraph. Once you have their attention use minimal wording without fluff to keep the writing fast-paced. Use simple words, short sentences and short paragraphs with bullets and white space to break up the content and hold the reader's attention.

How do I get responses easily?

Writing Action

Urgency is created by writing copy that invites a reader to act now. Tell the prospect what you want them to do. Why spend many hours and, sometimes, many dollars to place ads and post letters and not invite your reader to respond to your offer?

Call Now in bold and italics, is a great way to prompt prospects to do something. You are inviting them. Order today.

what makes prospects respond quickly?

Act Now!

The purpose or posting an ad, sales letter, etc, is to cause the reader to respond to your offer straight away. There are several techniques that can be used to enhance your offer and encourage a fast response.

How do I offer deadlines?

Time Limits

Offering a bonus with a time limit can be a great strategy to use to increase sales. Though most readers are well informed, they realize it's well used, and even if they are late in ordering, they'll often still get the free bonus if requested. So, only use this strategy if it's genuine "deadline" offer, and be very specific.

Try these: Call Now- offer at this price strictly ends June 25th.

Order Now for only $29.50. From June 1st the new price will be $39.50.

How does adding bonuses help response rates?

Adding Bonuses to Encourage a Response

A bonus is simply adding another product or service to your main offer to encourage a prospect to order straight away. It also builds value into your offer. For example: Buy this new carpet and we'll also include a free steam clean any time in the next twelve months.

Order this suit now and receive this tie and a long sleeve cotton shirt absolutely free! The prospect will see this as a great offer if he purchases your product.


I'll Take the Early Bird Special

Want to entice your readers into taking advantage of what your offering? Give them the "Early Bird Special" for extra savings. Whether it is for a seminar or a product you are peddling offering deals to the first (insert number) people is a great way to get people to buy.

Not sure if the "Early Bird Special" is the way to go? Restaurants, hotels and Las Vegas have been using it for years...because it works.

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