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Latent Semantic Indexing (or "The Tilde is Your Friend")

It's true.

The days of stuffing your content with a single keyword over and over are...well...over.

Search engines have gotten smarter and spiders are on the look out for sneaky, black hat SEOs that want to trick them into providing top rankings for lack-luster content. Additionally, search engines are battered with thousands new documents every day (I know...understatement) which makes it difficult to index all documents.

Many complex search terms also may not have exact matches.

The good old SE's have a solution, however, and it has made your job as an SEO copywriter easier than ever before.

By using Latent Semantic Indexing, Search Engines can use near matches to index documents and serve them to people based on the content as a whole and not just the main keywords. This means that when writing content about "copywriting" you can utilize terms like "copywriter" and "creative" and the Search Engines will infer the meaning of your content by its merits.

The question remains...How do you find these related terms?

The tilde is your friend.

In the search box enter the tilde (~) followed by the keyword without a space and enter the search. The results will show related terms you can use in your copy. Another search of one of the related terms will bring up even more terms that you can utilize as well.

This little trick is also great for keyword research.

Have fun with it.


Use Links in SEO Copywriting

Links, Links, Linkity Link Link Link Links.

Whether you are a full time SEO (read really cool nerd like me), copywriter (read see SEO) you may be getting a little annoyed with hearing about the importance of links. Unfortunately this is not looking to end anytime soon, and yes, I am going to talk about linking some more here.

Let's get down an dirty on this one...

Search engines love links.

Make that your mantra when writing copy that is optimized for the web.

When you write for the web including links with keyword-rich anchor text in the body of the copy is absolutely essential if you are looking to increase your rankings in the SERPs. And by the way, when I say keyword-rich anchor text I do not mean "Click Here". Use keywords relevant to the subject of the page you are linking to (the actual keyword is best) .


Keyword Density

One of the biggest questions I get as both a Copywriter and SEO professional is regarding keyword density. In a nutshell the questions always boil down to how much is enough and how much is too much. I remember a time in the recent past when the main objective of some copywriters was to stuff as many keywords into the body of the content as possible. Fortunately, these days are over.

Search engines have become more intelligent (Mr. Obvious) and readers hate spammy content. Your main objective as an SEO Copywriter should be to include your keywords are at the beginning of the content (especially headlines), placed naturally throughout and towards the end with quality content throughout.

You may have noticed that i never mentioned an actual keyword density percentage in this tip. This is because you shouldn't worry about it too much. When you think too heavily about keyword density as you write you will naturally place the keyword or phrase too often and bit yourself in the long run.

Bottom line: Write naturally about your keyword and the density will take care of itself.


Write Naturally While Incorporating Keywords

"Content is King". It is a phrase that will be repeated over and over by SEOs and Copywriters alike. Search engines love content -especially useful, well -written content that incorporates keywords naturally in the body of the text. Readers also like this kind of content and are willing to link to it which will give you all kinds of Internet love.

One thing both the search engines and readers hate, however, is SPAM. This is why you want to create content that is easy to read and incorporates keywords naturally. When the copy you write uses the same keyword over and over it will appear just as it is - a vain attempt to trick the search engines into giving you higher rankings.

Google and other search engines use a system called "latent semantic indexing" which allows the spiders to infer the meaning of a body of text by the whole instead of individual words. Use synonyms and write well-researched and informative articles for the best results. The search engines - and your readers - will thank you.

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