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How do I make testimonials believable?


Testimonials must be a believable, customers real experience with you. When "signing" a testimonial this rarely works: "K.B. New Orleans", "D.R. California". It's far too vague and looks made up. Who's K.B. or D.R.? California is a big place. In the previous example you saw the byline "Allan Todd, Manager Todd's Hi-fi." Allan Todd is better than A.T as he's included his full name and company detrails next in the testimonial. This adds credibility.

In this example Allan Todd is a very well known businessman in Brisbane. His testimonial is believable because he's not hiding behind "A.T. Brisbane." It's not necessary to have testimonials from well known people but it can help, but use the persons full name, specific location, and other points if room allows.

How to write a testimonial for an ad

It's this simple yet so effective

1. "Todd's Hi-Fi took the time to listen and make sure I got what I wanted. Their great service, knowledge and demonstrations is unmatched. The sound and vision is awesome." Mal Walker, Kangaroo Point

2. "Graham Keleher's training methods have given my family and myself considerable self confidence and a high level of physical fitness. I feel in great health." Allan Todd, General Manager Todd's Hi-Fi

Allan Todd who wrote the second testimonial was a very satisfied martial arts student. He's also very well known in Brisbane, and the general manager of Todd's Hi-Fi. I wrote the 1997 Yellow Pages ad for Todd's hi-Fi and he introduded me to his Karate instructor who also wanted his Yellow Pages ad improved.

How do I write a powerful testimony?

A Testimonial is...

A testimonial is a very powerful tool to use when writing ads. Not all ads require them as often there's no room or it's not really necessary. But if you are selling a product from websites, direct mail and other mediums where there's sufficient space for details use testimonials. If it's a new product and you are testing it then genuine testimonials may not be possible. But try and get some ASAP from delighted customers. New and unknown products will benefit from testimonials.

A testimonial is what someone else says to endorse your product or service. It's a positive statement saying how and why your product helped them. Self praise is not always convincing but something powerful happens when a selection of people add their name, other details and even a photo along with a genuine compliment, next to your product or service.

How do I make a really great testimonial?

The more the better

Some ads just don't have the room for extended testimonials but where possible add heaps of details.

A few sentences of praise for your product with the persons photo, details about their business if they have one etc, is very powerful. Also where they live and even a website address, email, fax number etc shows that the testimonial about your business or product is genuine.

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