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How do I make testimonials believable?


Testimonials must be a believable, customers real experience with you. When "signing" a testimonial this rarely works: "K.B. New Orleans", "D.R. California". It's far too vague and looks made up. Who's K.B. or D.R.? California is a big place. In the previous example you saw the byline "Allan Todd, Manager Todd's Hi-fi." Allan Todd is better than A.T as he's included his full name and company detrails next in the testimonial. This adds credibility.

In this example Allan Todd is a very well known businessman in Brisbane. His testimonial is believable because he's not hiding behind "A.T. Brisbane." It's not necessary to have testimonials from well known people but it can help, but use the persons full name, specific location, and other points if room allows.



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