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How do I find benefits in features?

Finding Benefits in Features

A good copywriter will identify the features of a product or service and write about the benefits in their sales copy. For example: ACME carpet cleaning may have a new beaut $20,000 steam cleaner! So what. How can this machine benefit the customer and get their carpet cleaner? Answering that question is one of the roles of a good copywriter!

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How do I understand customers needs?


Remember the call sign of the radio station made famous by Murray Raphel? What's in it for me. WIIFM. That's the only thing that the consumer is thinking about when he or she reads your ads. All advertising must focus on fulfilling the needs of the customer.

Prospects don't care about your business but they are interested in how your business can solve a problem or meet a need that will help improve their situation.

Always focus on people's needs.

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