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What is an ezine article?

What is an Ezine?

An ezine is an electronic magazine. It's delivered by email to subscribers and is usually published weekly or fortnightly, though some are published monthly and some more than once a week. Ezines are always subscribed to so the person who receives it by email has chosen to "opt in."

Most ezines are free, with many thousands available to choose from. Almost any subject or topic you can think of will be written about in an ezine. There are ezines for horse lovers, cat lovers, garden lovers, travel ezines, business ezines, internet marketing ezines and even ezines about ezines. Go to your favourite search engine and type in "Ezines" and see what comes up… thousands of options.

Without a doubt one of the most effective ways of getting leads to your website is through the use of Ezines. I highly recommend that you start working on this strategy straight away.

In later tips I'll teach you how to write ezine articles and how to submit them to publishers for consideration.

Whats so special about ezines?

What's so special about ezines?

From an ezine article writer's (you) point of view, the best thing about ezines is that the audience is highly targeted. People who subscribe to dog ezines are obviously interested in dogs. Therefore they will be interested in ezine articles about dogs. If your website sells dog-related products then you have a highly targeted audience to write to: The people who subscribe to dog ezines!

What is an ezine?

Introduction to Ezines

A key to being successful at internet marketing is to be an aggressive marketer. Passive marketers produce little or no results. They build a website and just hope that people come running to their site to buy. It doesn't happen that way.

Aggressive marketers are those who have a good business idea, build a website to promote that idea, then spend heaps of time finding and using effective ways to get leads to their website. Then the website sells the products or services. No matter how wonderful and bright a website is and how good your products or services are, if people don't log on to your site you get no sales.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to learn how to write articles for ezines (newsletters), and best of all it's free.

What are the advantages of publishing ezine articles?

What are the advantages of publishing ezine articles?

Ezine articles are published for free if accepted by the editor. There's nothing like free publicity that works. One of the main reasons that people subscribe to ezines is because they want to hear what experts have to say about the subject that the ezine addresses.

If your article is published, that means you have instant credibility, you are now an expert in your field. People want to hear what you have to say on that particular subject. Editors will not publish articles that are uninformative, though I have seen some weak stuff at times.

Another advantage about your article is that it's usually the main feature of the newsletter, in a prime position and noticed by all subscribers. Sometimes there are several feature articles published. Surrounding the article are ads, tips, links and editorial comment.

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