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Build a Website

As a freelance copywriter you have to get noticed to get work. Unfortunately most copy does not include your byline. If you want people to kmow who wrote that snazzy article about the benefits of avocodos you can either trust your client to give you word of mouth advertising or build a personal website chock full of your best work. It also wouldn't hurt to iclude a blog where you can post advice and up-to-date news abouth the industry and your business.

Is a testimonial really necessary?

Testimonial Check

Where applicable, add a testimonial from a "delighted" customer. Remember that adding a signature to the testimonial such as "A.P California" is not enough as it doesn't seem genuine and is very vague. Try "Alan Pringle, Bakersfield, California- Manager Techno Vision." Add as much credible info as possible.

Should I include bonuses in my offer?

Bonus Check

Where applicable, have you included a bonus to encourage prospects to order now? This can greatly improve response rates.

What is the WIIFM principle?


Is your copy revolved around the reader? Don't forget the "What's in it for me" principle. Place yourself in your prospect's shoes while writing your ads. Will he or she GET something worthwhile from doing business with you?

How do I keep an ad interesting?

Interest Check

Read through your copy as ask yourself, honestly, if what you write creates interest in your product or service. Interest gives the reader a cause to keep reading and eventually buy. Does your copy do that? Does it show the benefits of features?

How can I wrire simple copy?

Simplicity Check

Is your copywriting easy for the average person to understand? Remove all complicated words unless you can add a "clear" explanation of its meaning. Simplicity is always best!

How do I conclude an ad?

Action Check

Does your ad copy give the prospect a powerful reason to Act Now? Don´t lose them at the last hurdle. Check this vital part of your copy and include very compelling reasons why they should respond to your offer immediately, or when appropriate.

how do I edit too many words?

Padding Check

Read through your ad or newsletter and remove any unnecessary words. Is the sentence too long? Can I say the same thing with fewer words? Check everything. If any word or sentence is not "working" for you- Remove It!

How do I write copy with strong verbs?

Verb Check

Does your copy contain Action words instead of adjectives, where applicable? Doing is better than describing.

How do I create interest?

Desire Check

Does your copy create sufficient desire to help close the deal? Desire in copy outlines significant benefits of your product or service and moves the reader closer to the final stage- "Where do I sign?" Desire creates reasons why the prospect needs your offer.

How do I highlight certain points?

Highlighting Check

Is your copy "highlighted" in appropriate places? Check that your headline is enclosed with "inverted commas" for emphasis. Are major points in bold? Add highlighting and emphasis where appropriate, but remember that "TOO MUCH" emphasis will de-emphasize.

How long should my sentences be?

Length Check

Are your sentences too long and, in some cases, too short? Find a balance. It's easier to read, and there are times when only three words can make an impacting sentence.

How do I learn more about advertising?

Study Good Copy

Mail order catalogs often demonstrate great examples of well written copy. Read through the brochures of mail order houses such as J.C. Penney, Sears Roebuck and L.L. Bean. They are masters of the art of selling goods by means of printed words and pictures. Read through their brochures and closely observe how they use headlines, pictures, benefits and reason to "act now!"

how do I get a compitive advantage?

UCA Check

Does your ad or newsletter have a competitive advantage built into it? All copy should have a UCA that appeals to prospects. A UCA in ads gives you an edge over your competitors.

How do I know my ad is ready to send?

Patience Check

Have you allowed the time to let your copy "sit?" Copy can always be improved by coming back to it a day or two later. Guaranteed you'll find something that can be improved.

How do I check my work?

Headline Check

Does your headline offer a significant benefit to your prospect? Is it a self-interest, news or curiosity hedline? Will it draw prospects into reading the rest of your ad or newsletter?

Should I use cliches?

Cliche Check

Don't use cliches, platitudes, qualifiers or jargon. Avoid over-used words. Some words and cliches don't impact readers as they once did.


Review, Review & Review Again

No one wants to see poorly written copy. Not you, not your clients and especially not your readers. Before sending any written materials to your clients make sure you read it. Then read it again. Then read it again. In fact, if you have a trusted friend or relative, have them look over your completed work. This will save you the heartache and the embarrassment of having to make edits or, even worse, a complete rewrite.

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