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You're Going Nowhere Without Advertising

It doesn't matter what media you are utilizing (we just so happen to be copywriting), if you are not advertising your work it just isn't going to make any headway. Use all your media outlets - comment to blogs, use social media, etc - and reap the rewards of more exposure. The fame! The Fortune! (ok...let's not get carried away)

Should I offer a guarantee?

Peace of Mind

Many people have been burnt by bad deals and don't want it to happen again. The best way to give a customer peace of mind and confidence in you and your product is to offer them a full product replacement. Or better still, an unconditional money back guarantee if they are not completely happy with their purchase.

All credible businesses will do this, but when you SPELL IT OUT CLEARLY, it gives the customer peace of mind and confidence knowing that they won't get ripped off. This is "risk free" buying.

How do I write up a guarantee?

A Written Guarantee

A written guarantee will increase sales:

My 100% Money-Back Personal Guarantee

"I'm so confident that "Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies" will make all the difference in helping you increase cash flow into your restaurant through a continual stream of new customers and repeat business, I'll back up your purchase with a

100% money-back guarantee

All I ask is that you give the proven methods in "Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies" an honest try for 90 days. If they don't work for you within that time the way you think they should, $95 will be applied to your credit card.

And guess what? You get to keep the free bonus! With an offer like that you can't lose, the risk is on me.

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