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What details do I include in sales letters?

Show Yourself

Always clearly print your phone number, fax number, website, email addresss and business address on sales letters etc. Don't ever hide behind a PO Box as this kills credibility and suggests "sleazy." Be contactable and also include a PO Box but you must be able to be contacted at an address where anyone can knock on the door. Integrity is Everything.

Should I use a persons name in copy?

Be Personal

When using direct response copy, be personal where possible. Try and avoid "the manager" approach. "Hello John Smith" is more personal and people like to see their names.

How do I space my writing?

Readable Copy

Make your copy inviting by clealy spacing and highlighting when necessary. Large font with BIG BOLD BLOCKS should only be used where necessary. Get others to check your copy to see if it's "easy on the eyes." Copy that's draining to read will never be finished. Spacing and a continuous flow is vital. If your friends and family find your copy "user Friendly," then others will also.

Should I always write positive copy?

Positive Copy

Always write positive copy. Negative copy has a tendency to switch prospects off. For example: If a charity is trying to raise money for orphans overseas, the best approach is to show people what can be achieved with their money: smiling faces, full stomachs, education and hope.

That's far more effective than highlighting long faces, protruding ribs, and general scenes of poverty. People want to see a positive thing happen with their money.

Should I use a photo in my ads?


Placing your photo in sales copy and ads is a big winner when it comes to making prospects feel easy with you. Including your photo helps a person
"identify" with you. They can now put a face to the name. It shows that you are open and not hiding. This builds a lot of credibility.

Should I use pre-paid postage?

Free Post

When using direct mail make it easy for the prospect to respond. No one wants to rush into town and buy a stamp if they don't have one handy. So include a pre-paid envelope that's only charged when someone responds. The prospect can slip the cheque or credit card details in the post with the order and save another expense.

How do I write specific copy?

Be Specific

Being specific with your copy is always going to generate more responses than generalities. For example: "You can make over $1500 a month as a reseller for CRMS." This better and specific: "You can make $1575 a month as a reseller for CRMS."

"This month I'll lose another 10.5 pounds through the super express low cal diet," is better than "This month I'll Lose more weight through the super express low cal diet."

How effective are photos in advertising?


Yes a picture certainly paints a thousand words. In many ads a photo is a must have. A ton of words about how nice and warm and social a hot back yard spa is, won't even come close to a picture of a family enjoying it. Use photos where appropriate and it must communicate a benefit and create desire. A headline- "Enjoy Eating at Bugs Restaurant," will look great with a photo of a couple or family actually doing it- Enjoying Eating!

What about free phone calls?

Toll Free

Using a toll free number is a proven way to get more responses. The customer may be calling from another state and has nothing to lose. Seeing that "800" or "888" number says "FREE." People love free.

Write something like: Free Call Now 800 #####.

Is creatiivity more imprtant than anything else in advertising?

Creative or Effective?

Creative does not necessarily mean effective. A website may have wonderful graphics yet do a lousy job of communicating the benefits of a product. A sales letter or ad may have great artwork and look fabulous to the eyes but have very little effect at making sales. You can have both but effectiveness and not creativity is what makes sales.

Many TV commercials that are absolutely brilliant from a creative perspective have failed miserably at producing sales. Aim for both but give me "effectiveness" any day.

How mnay times should I send mail to a prospect?

Repeat Offers

When sending direct mail, it often takes more than one attempt to clinch a sale. It's been said that it can take up to seven contacts to clinch a sale. Send another direct mail letter a month after the initial mailing and you'll see more responses.

Several years ago I wrote some direct mail brochures for an MLM business and often people would respond to second and third mail outs many months later. The original offer was slightly changed or the customers circumstances changed and they were now ready to do business.

How do I organise fax orders?

Free Fax

Not everyone likes to order over the phone or internet so offer a free fax. Claerly write the free fax offer where it can't be missed and many will use this option.

How do I personalize my copy?

The Personal Touch

People want to do business with people not a "business." Be very warm and personal in your copy. ACME landscaping doesn't make their yard beautiful, you do- the owner of ACME landscaping. Of course your business must be mentioned but YOU are the business.

How do I communicate in copywriting?


When writing long copy it should always be a dialogue. Copywriting is communicating. Don't write too much about "I" "we" "our company" etc. No-one is interested in your business or mine. Prospects are very interested in what your business can do for them. Focus on the prospect with words like "You" and "your".

Should I take calls from prospects?

We'll Help You

Offer to help your prospects in the sales process. Invite them to call you or email if they have any queries about your product or service. This shows that you care and are confident about your product.

Should I use credit cards?

Credit Cards

Always have a merchant account for processing credit cards. We are an instant generation and people love to buy things now. Spontaneous purchasing is common and results in many billions of dollars in sales. If a customer has to write out a check and post it, that can be a hassle-and a lost sale!

Make it easy for them because your prospects may like your offer and want to purchase it immediately. It's very convenient to be able to fill in credit card details and fax it or pay online.


Become a Storyteller

Looking for a way to engage your readers while enticing them to act the way you want? Connect to the reader's emotions and capture their imagination by using a little storytelling in your copy.

Now, before you go telling the story of your last college frat party while trying to sell your customers on a revolutionary feminine hygiene product you need to determine if the story offers the right connotation (which this example does not...or maybe it does).

The art of storytelling when writing content lies in the writer's ability to let the reader draw their own conclusions (the one you lead them to, of course) from the story. When you can accomplish this feat your readers will be very likely to act upon their conclusion and provide you or your client with the conversion they desire.


Write to One Person

The average person reading your copy isn't reading it off a television with 300 of their closest friends. Your reader - along with my reader and everyone elses - is at home in their lazyboy. They are in their underwear, watching television or listening to musc. Since you are not writing for 1000 people - even if you get 1000 readers a day, it is probably one at a time - write to that one person because it is they who will buy what your trying to sell.

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