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How would I go about copyrighting a song?

Copyright Registering Your Work

To copyright *register* your work with the Library of Congress, you will need to fill out a registration form and pay a fee. At the moment (mid 2006) the copyright fee is $30.

You can also get copyright registration for a collection of works for the same fee. For a song, you will be copyrighting as "words and music."

The Library of Congress website has a very good FAQ on this from their copyright office. It is found at and the registration form can be downloaded.


What's Better, Organic or Paid Search?

Okay, this did not come from a reader, per se - but I was asked this since I write this blog/tip thingee. And to answer the question of internet copywriters we are writing optimized copy to help websites rank better in the search engines.

The answer is there is no right answer. Some people live and die by organic and many use paid search because their site is new or they have seen better conversions from them.

What are you selling or offering? Who is your target audience. It is important to remember, however, that organic rankings are FREE! I'll say it again...Organic rankings are FREE!

Writing good copy will help your client achieve higher rankings in the SERPs and give you the content to get a better quality score for landing pages if you are utilizing a paid search campaign.

When used together, organic and paid search results will give you more real estate on the search pages. And with more real estate comes better results.

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