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What characteristics make an ad stand out?

Greed Appeal

Greed- the most common area of appeal used in advertising. "Greed" sounds a little negative but it's simply a blanket statement for human desires, cravings and needs. They can be either emotional or physical needs.

Making more money, have more fun, be more popular, fit in better, stand out be noticed, make chores easier, and better performance are among the many types of "greed" appeals used in advertising.

Should I offer anything for free?

Free Info

Giving away quality free information is a great way to help enhance the effectiveness of copy. You won't have the space to do this in a Yellow Pages ad, but "Free Info" about "weed control" at can be included in a Yellow Pages ad. This will prompt some readers to go to your site and read the quality free information on whatever product or service you are selling.

For example: If you have a landscaping business, you may offer free info on garden care, weed control and countless related tips. Readers of this free info on your website will also see the sales copy for services you are selling.

Free tips created by you or your company, or by a professional content marketing agency, keep people coming back to your website. Free tips can also be effectively included in long copy such as direct mail brochures.

How much is too much copy?

The "Write" Length

It's been said that good copy is never too long if it's full of customer benefits and interesting. Personally I don't agree with this as I once read through many pages of well written direct mail copy with countless customer benefits. But it was so long-winded it became very boring. The same message could have been delivered in half the amount of space.

Communicate your message clearly but never be long-winded, even if it's good, as most people don't have the time or desire to read through many pages of copy. President Reagan would hand back a speech to be re-written if it was longer than one page. He suggested that if the major points could not be summarized in a single page then it was too long.

Sometimes long copy is necessary. If for example you are detailing a business opportunity or franchise plan etc, in a brochure of copy, then lengthy details are necessary. But don't over do it. Too much info can be very draining and a turn off. Some people may feel it's too complicated so why bother with your offer.

Information overload is a killer! Keep people hungry for more.

How is sex appeal used in advertising?

Sex/Sex Appeal

The sex appeal in advertising is not just about the physical act but also love, affection and friendship. Dating and introduction agencies have really capitalized on sex appeal in their advertising campaigns. Most of it's about joining us and you'll find love and friendship. Love is always a fantastic area of appeal because people either have it, want it or lost it. Love/sex is a universal appeal.

Another type of successful sex appeal is in the fashion industry. Wear this or this and you'll have such and such sex appeal: be noticed more, stared at more, receive more compliments etc.

How do I use electronic books in advertising?

Free E-books

An "e-book" is an electronic book. It's purchased or given away free at a website. Basically it's a book that downloaded from the internet. E-books are a great way to present free information as not everyone likes to read things from a website, and prefer to download something to read later.

There's heaps of info on the net about how to compile information into electronic book format, (just email me), and use it for your marketing ventures. I recently compiled a restaurant marketing e-book and as a sweetener I give away a free e-book called "Competitive Advantages for Your Restaurant." This free e-book contains quality info and also points to purchasing the full marketing strategies e-book.

Does fear help motivate people to buy?

Fear Appeal

Fear is a great motivator and has been the basis of many successful advertising campaigns. Fear of not gaining what you hope to achieve, or losing what you have are powerful motivators. The insurance and health industries have made millions from this one.

Join "our" insurance plan just in case you "lose" everything in a house fire, that you've worked so hard for. Don't wait till it happens- Get "our" insurance today! Use this software now or you'll fall behind the competition!

At times, we've all been motivated by fear.

What type of advertising appeals to people?

Three areas of Appeal

It's been said that all successful advertising is based on three main appeals: Sex, Greed and Fear. All advertising must in some way appeal to the readers emotions or desires or the ad has failed. Spend time evaluating the prospects you are targetting and discover what will appeal to them. An "itchy" spot if you like- and stractch it!

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