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Learn Basic HTML

Web content is like food...it’s all about the presentation. If you want to get a step up on the competition the best thing you can do is learn some basic HTML. With HTML you can add images place text and add the links to your web pages that will give your text that extra umph. You can learn more about HTML from the WS Schools (http://www.w3schools.com/htmL/) and HTML Dog (http://htmldog.com/) and other sources.


Use Images to Give Content Oomph!

Writing for the web is much like writing for a magazine. Endless pages of text will start to run together after a while. Breaking up the text with white space and especially relevant and intriguing images will make your copywriting more enjoyable for your readers.


Check Your Work

As a copywriter one of the worst things that can happen during your career is to be labeled a plagiarizer. Fortunately, there are a number of great content checkers to help you avoid this. Here are some of the best article checkers available on the web:

  • Copyscape – One of the best content checking services available, Copyscape allows a free check for copies of your web page as well as a premium service to ensure your content is original. http://www.copyscape.com/

  • Article Checker – Another great service, Article Checker allows you to check published and unpublished work against pages indexed in both Yahoo! and Google absolutely free. http://www.articlechecker.com/

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