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How do I write simple copy?

Is it easy to Read?

Make sure your writing is simple and not complicated. Even well written science articles describe complex thoughts in an easy to understand way. Consider your audience when writing articles. Does the reader need an MBA to understand what you're saying or will a less educated person also catch on?

This doesn't mean that everyone is going to understand the complexities of computer science if that's what you're writing about, but use good writing skills to keep details as simple as possible.

Read the whole article: "Simple or Complex Writing?"

How do I shorten ads and save money and space?

Tight Copy!

Lack of sufficient space to communicate the "full" message is sometimes an issue when advertising in expensive publications with limited room. Many times I've had to struggle and battle through the issue of what goes in and what's left out. Sometimes it can be tough to make these decisions as everything seems vital.

Follow the principles listed in the "writing Techniques" sections as they are the same for small ads and long copy. Once when I was editing some copy, a section said "Time as well as their financial resources." That was far too wordy and I reduced it to "Time and Money," saying the same thing. Space is a premium so use it carefully.


Writing for the Fun of It

Sometimes writing copy can get boring...

yeah, I know...

huge surprise.

If you feel like you have gotten into a rut try some good old fashion [creative writing] exercises. It will help you get those creative juices flowing and help you as you write web copy. Even of you do not want to do writing exercises you could create a personal blog or write short stories and poetry like I do at Writers Cafe. You can post them on the web if you want or keep them all to yourself.

Just make sure the creative juices keep flowing and you should have no problems [writing copy] - even when the subject matter is not the most intriguing around.


Just Say it Already!

Get to the point when writing copy.

You are not writng fiction.

You are not composing the next great American novel.

Use short, succinct sentences and deliver the goods early on.

Write using as few words as possible.

Your readers will appreciate it.


Learn the Lingo

When you get a prospective client read everything you can on their business. Read their existing website if they have one. Read business journals related to their product or service. Most imortantly, pay special attention to foums, blogs and other forms of social media relating to the client. On Twitter do a search for a keyword in the field and see what people are saying. Just remember to read.


Use Bullet Points

Whether you are writing copy for the web or print you need to remember that your audience is far too busy to to read long paragraphs of text. One of the best ways to break up your articles and draw attention to key ideas is to use bullet points. Some of the benefits of using bullet points include:

  • Gives authority to bulleted ideas

  • Breaks up long blocks of text, making your article easier to read

  • Highlights areas you want people to remember

See how that works. it is imortant not to overuse bullet points, however.

But when is enough enough?

That is something that comes with experience and after a while will come very naturally.

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