Get Others to Check Your Ad

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Should non-professionals check my ads?

Get Others to Check Your Ad

If you have friends or business colleagues who have a reasonable knowledge of copywriting it's good to get their opinion as they may have some valuable insights. But the readers of your ad will possibly have no idea about the technicalities that make a good ad.

However, they are the ones who will make or break what you are trying to sell. After all, they sign the checks and use their credit cards! A prospect may have no idea of what makes a great ad but they respond to great ads. So don't be afraid to ask those who don't know about the technical issues in writing ads to read your copy. If they criticize your copy, listen to what they say even though it's unpleasant.

Ask them if your offer would appeal to them if they were seeking that particular product or service. Would it inspire them to purchase or pick up the phone? Are the benefits strong enough to prompt action? Is the message communicated clearly? These are questions that you need to ask them as most prospects will think the same way.



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