Never Use Your Business Name

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What type of headlines should I avoid writing?

Never Use Your Business Name

It may be a hard one to accept as we all love our business and it's name, but Never use your business name as an advertisement headline. Sure, at times you may see a huge billboard with Coca-Cola, but they spend millions of dollars on their image and advertising. Most times, companies of that size also place a huge emphasis on the benefits of using their product.

In general, most people are not interested in our business name or logo. They want to know what your business can do for them. "Bugs' Restaurant" would be a very poor choice for a headline. "Enjoy Eating Fresh Delicious Seafood at Bugs Restaurant," is a much better choice.

Why? Because the headline offers several benefits: Enjoy, Eating, Seafood and Fresh. "Bugs Restaurant" offers no benefit at all. People, in a hurry, tend to rush through headlines and ignore those without any interest or appeal. Even if Bugs is well- known it needs to offer benefits in its headlines.



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